Hello From The International Film Fest in Londontown!

Top of the morning!

I’m sitting in Ipswich, in the middle of a bit of a whirlwind, at the International Film Fest in London. They tell me this is one of the oldest cities in England. It is beautiful and without rain. Wow, our lucky day!

I’m reminiscing about what a long road this has been. It also makes me think, “I can’t wait to dive in and do it all over again!”

My producers and I made the drive out here to inspect our new project. We are in the process of turning Living Lost into a reality show with a twist of tech…Everything looks good and tech seems to change daily…Sooooo…we always seem to be under one kind of crunch or another.

I’m always surprised with creation how things change – especially when it comes to the next project. I have big ideas and big plans for the next story, the next film, and… Surprise! One of our feature narratives has turned into an 8-part series for Amazon and our newly released feature, Living Lost, has projected itself into a reality spinoff show with new technology. I would never have guessed that any of this would have transpired, say 4 or 5 years ago.

And what about me? Well, I’m getting involved in any kind of tech I can. I’m going to embrace the change. I’m excited for the unknown future and possibility of projects – especially those projects that I honestly can’t even imagine right now! Needless to say, I’m a bit over the moon!

When I was at University, I had an acting coach and mentor who pushed me to learn, study, and practice every facet of the theater. At that time, I loved living in the theater. I thought of myself as an actor, and an actor only! No one was going to talk me into being anything else. I was stubborn and determined, and I prided myself as the only actor who didn’t want to secretly direct!

I look back on those stances I took, and I have to say, that mentality may have stunted my growth a bit. I realize now that I was not open to the broad road that is creativity. Some people say, “It takes what it takes…” and perhaps that is the path I was destined for…But if destiny can be interrupted even slightly, I hope other artists can be more open to finding the treasures which are hidden behind those unlocked doors of the unknown.

There are many paths of creativity which can lead to so much more. It is very important to know at the beginning of this journey that there is not just one way. There isn’t even the best way. There is merely a way of working now, which will soon be replaced by another form of getting a project done. Artists with open minds and availability are able to pivot into whatever the next project offers. Listening to the status quo or giving in to: “This is the only way to make a project and get your art seen” will be the death of the active artist.

My motto will now always: Don’t just follow your dreams, create your dreams!



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