The Los Angeles Premiere of “Living Lost”

It’s a day before the Los Angeles premiere of our movie, Living Lost, and I thought I’d feel more excitement. That’s not to say I’m not excited, but it takes so much work to put on a show and get all the pieces in place, (especially when you’re independent) that there’s very little time to partake in an outpour of emotion. I have just enough time to put on the next hat and keep the train rolling.

This is not a complaint. Frankly I don’t have time for that either. And besides, I chose this project, or maybe it chose me, but either way I accepted the challenge. All the ups and downs that have come and gone and are continuing to happen, are from this choice. If not for them, I would just get an office job and let someone else deal with the challenges of Independent filmmaking.

An old adage comes to mind; ‘If you want something done ask a busy person’. The person who said this must have been an entrepreneur! This has been the case for my team and I for the past few years. We got so involved in making this project that we became accustomed to running and doing every job. We were even able to take on other projects at the same time! And now that we’re accustomed to multiple projects, and especially used to hearing ‘No’ from so many people and financiers for future projects, we just keep pressing on ahead without flinching. And I value that more than anything. We have started the pre-production of multiple projects with different genres and mediums, all the while not losing focus on this current project. We saw it all the way to the finish line and are exploring all avenues of distribution available.

We’re lucky enough to be taking our film to Worldfest Houston next month and then NY Int’l film fest…and then on to Cannes in May. It’s such a joy to see our hard work pay off. It’s always nice to get recognized for our labor, but it’s an even greater joy to see audiences enjoy what we’ve created! You CANNOT put a price on that.

That’s why I’m in this game–to entertain the masses and to work with other creatives. This is why I look forward to the next few months: I’ll get to present my work and spend time with other filmmakers, which allows for long-lasting friendships, and new ideas and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded creatives from around the world! This isn’t the easiest path, but it’s the best life I’ve known so far. And I WILL NOT give up.


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