The Independent Artist & Entrepreneurship

OK…so a little more about entrepreneurship!
This spirit is necessary and alive in the independent artist. Without a calling for being a true entrepreneur, there is no independent artist. It requires the ultimate self-sacrifice and self denial.
Nothing ever really goes as planned, so there must be the ability to pivot at every moment in another direction. Sometimes this pivot is much better than anything that could be planned by a hundred people. And sometimes, the pivot is not as good. But at the end of the project, there’s that satisfaction of accomplishment, of over-coming all obstacles, that compares to nothing else that I’ve experienced!

It’s funny that I refer to the independent artist as the entrepreneur, as if to say a studio production isn’t an entrepreneur and doesn’t have its fair share of obstacles to overcome. In fact, it’s just opposite; it’s very rare to find a true, full-fledged studio production. Most of the films and projects being made start out at the independent level. I suppose it’s because no studios, networks, or labels, are going to take such a high risk when so much money is involved. This is actually good for all artists, because it causes us to have to create, in spite of somebody paying for it all.
Some of the best work and creativity comes from necessity and the ability to have to create something out of nothing. Serendipity seems to abound by the passion that comes from frustration, fatigue, and being overwhelmed! Those of us who have the calling to be an entrepreneur cannot do anything else! The perseverance is almost built-in. The need to see the finished product, no matter what. It cannot be extinguished by anyone or anything!
And now in the true spirit of entrepreneurship, we artists have to find our own means of distribution, new platforms to show our material, and ultimately, new forms of media using the technology that keeps advancing!
To all those adventurers, we can stop wasting our time sitting around discussing and complaining about the plight of the industry. The time is perfect for exploring new content, new media, new ways of entertaining the world with the stories we have to share, the songs we have to sing and the music we have to play.
Trudge on!

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