Here’s How To Push Your Independent Film

I’m somewhere above New Mexico or entering Texas air space right about now as I write. 30,000 ft above the ground. A great time to blog, right? It’s almost apropos since this is similar to my life the last few years, up and down. I’m in upward momentum right now! And that’s not to say that any part of pushing our movie and setting up the next project, is easy or smooth. This is truly our moment…

I look out the window and it’s dark. I’m racing against the sun, so I can’t see the ground laughing at me, “You know you can’t fly..!”— How many times did the Wright brothers have to hear that tired old speech? I know I’ve heard every angle of why I can’t, I shouldn’t, or why it’s impossible… “Who do you think you are?!”

I don’t know if it’s thick skin or passion, but the doubt from others turns into my fuel, and I push harder and become more adamant. And in this same skin, I’m a sensitive soul who feels a tremendous pain at the slights, the veiled insults, the doubt… I guess it’s the full gambit of the human experience. I’ve heard others say they wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

What could I possibly trade it for? The easy life? Is there really such a thing? Trials and adversity seem to exist for all who embark on this journey–this place nobody seems to get to choose to be a part of. But the space in between those two points, I want to fill to the brim with everything possible, and push the envelope of the impossible until a new impossible has to be defined. And then I’ll do it again…

I still haven’t lost my verve for travel and meeting with different cultures–I’m still fascinated at all the similarities I see and I interact with on the different continents. Perhaps that is why I love entertainment so much. It is the one job I’ve done that speaks to so many people, in so many different ways, all around the world.

Entertainment can bring us all together in such meaningful ways, enriching lives, connecting us with our common humanity.

This is why I struggle on this path; it is not just for me and my satisfaction, but it reaches those I have yet to meet.  Here’s to the journey.


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