To Our Dear Prince

I wasn’t going to write about the passing of Prince, especially when it’s so close to Bowie. But as the last 24 hours have come and gone, I found myself shed a few tears.  I was listening to the decades of music that has so greatly not only influenced my life, but has transformed aspects of my growth and has had an overwhelming effect on my personality and art.
Growing up in the Minneapolis area, Prince was more like a king than a musician on Tv. He gave us artists hope and inspired us to find our own path. He encouraged us to be unapologetic for who we are, and to kick butt while doing it! He was one of those artists who, even if you didn’t like his music, you couldn’t hate because of the commitment he had for his art and his exquisite music.

He was so neurotic and no one could quite put a finger on him–his art or his being. He would always elude the critics and fans alike. Basically, his drive for finding a deeper level to his talent, and not trying to please the masses, critics, or the industry machine, sent tremors world-wide and had profound effects on multiple generations.
I could repeat these same words for Bowie. The amount of respect I have for David and his ability to reinvent himself and dig deeper into the abyss of his talent, and not be satisfied with what’s popular, or rest on his laurels…puts him in the category of “The Greats”.
I feel these artists in my soul. I feel their passion and their ability to strive for more with their art, and I want to work harder to emulate what they stood for, and to carry that passion into my art and my creativity.

There is a large void. You will be both missed.


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