When the Lights Go Out…

I’m just coming to the end of the first part of a 5 month run of film festivals, and I’m not sure what day or month it is right now.
It’s hard to explain the exhilaration of the highs and depression of the lows. But the one thing that is unmatchable to any other profession I’ve been in, is the bonding friendships that are formed on this journey. Artists all over the world are so much the same and so amazing in their process and desires. I guess that’s why I believe you can’t teach someone to be an artist – you just have it in you, all the way down to your soul!

This is no life for anyone with a thin skin or anyone who wants a more comfortable existence. It seems there’s always a challenge or plans are being changed at every plateau. In the last few years, I’ve seen an incredible resistance for new and groundbreaking projects and art forms to be given a chance. The main money funnels toward the ‘sure thing’. Even the festival circuit has changed; it’s more a platform for independent filmmakers to show their projects to specific audiences, then it is a place to find sales and distribution. This is neither good or bad, it’s just the trend of the market today in which an artist has to adapt. My intuition was that with the Internet as a viable force within everyone’s grasp, there would be a lot more available distribution channels and a lot more artists emerging and finding a place for their specific voice.
It seems the desire with film production is to only shoot for the billion dollar box office return and taking any small chance on a story without big returns, just won’t see the light of day.
I believe the heart of artists will always persist. And when technology changes and known avenues close down, we find a way to keep our hearts beating. I feel that the viewers will eventually get tired of being fed the same cookie cutter entertainment and start seeking out the ‘underground’ stories and new art forms, and then we’ll have a new avenue in which to get our voices heard. This seems to happen again and again throughout history, so I have hope for the future, and I will push toward the next project, no matter the uphill battle!


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