Keeping The Dream Alive

There’s so much in everyday life to get a person down. And yet, there’s so many things to give a person hope and keep them pushing forward. The funny thing about a dream is, it usually happens to one person and others can’t always understand or see the dream (at least not right away). This means that the dreamer has to stand alone and fight for the vision at the beginning, (against all odds) and contrary to the popular opinion or ‘normal’ way of doing things.
It makes me think of Steve Jobs. He had a vision and dreams that just did not fit into the norm, what others could understand. And his dreams certainly did not fit into the way business is run. He had such an uphill battle – even with his early successes, that was not enough to garner respect and trust that he was a visionary.
Of course, once the dust settles and the crazy turns into success, then everyone called him a hero. Now we’re back to square one again: Who’s going to take a chance on the next ‘crazy’ person, the next absurd idea!?
Most investors and financiers only want to put money in a sure thing, a guaranteed money-maker. This makes sense logically: You can’t have a successful business if you lose money. Period.
So how do we get to the next plateau?
I guess it’s up to the dreamers and artists. I’m guilty of focusing too much on ROI and not staying focused on the craft, on the art, and allowing those around me to decide dictate value and/or monetary worth.
The masses have been swayed by great marketing techniques, but when all is said and done, the masses will always flock toward what is intriguing, creative and innovative.
Even though I get tired and depressed during the process of creating, I realize I get caught up in the desire to have make things happen too quickly – my own unreasonable expectations – and that takes my energy away from the moment and the task at hand. When I really look at each moment, everything is just fine and what is happening is usually perfect timing. But once that moment is gone, I lose focus again and project too much into the future or into the past. It’s a neverending cycle. But this process helps me articulate my definition of success. Instead of just focusing on monetary gain, my success is built on my vision and seeing the vision through to the end, in spite of all the obstacles and defeatists that surround me.
Advancement in technology has an upheaval of current business practices and art forms, but it also opens up for dreamers to be on the same playing field as the proven systems and corporations. These are exciting times for the 70% of unseen artists to get their voice heard – as long as we think outside the box and use technology to gain awareness beyond the mass marketing. This will which keeps us in the same art forms and business practices.
These are not times for the lazy brain to just fall in line. This is our moment to ignite the minds and spirits of the dreamers to go and do!
Don’t stop believin’,

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