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That’s what’s really neat about having a team…it’s the ‘what about this!?’

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Jon Bessire puts his passion and creativity at the center of his life.

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Life is short – live it to the fullest; Resist the rut at all costs!

NYIHA interview of Jon - screen shotNYIHA MEDIA’s own Dr. Steeve Coupeau sits down with Jon Bessire to discuss his film’s screening at New York City International Film Festival in NY 2016.

SC: How did you start making film?

J.B.: This is my first full length narrative feature.  My road to the film business started out as a stage actor and doing a few commercials. I decided I had stories to tell and it was time to do it myself.

SC: What inspired you to do this project?

J.B.: My favorite genre is comedy when I was on stage. As I make films it seems I go more towards dramatic and thriller style films, mainly because I want to take people on an adventure and go to multiple countries.

S.C.: Can you talk about selection of your cast and crew and/or interviewees?

J.B.: My crew was picked because of their adventurous spirit and the ability to run-and-gun in, sometimes, hostile surroundings. And of course lacking the comfort of a studio stage. The cast for this particular film was necessary to be indigenous and local to the place where I was shooting, both in San Francisco and Guatemala. My desire was to have real people in a scripted situation.

SC: What is the biggest obstacle you faced to complete this project?

JB: Money.  It seems so trite to say that, but everything comes down to time or money. With lack of money, there’s a lot more time, but then I would lose people along the way. And the longer a project takes, moral gets effected and the project has a hard time sustaining the fire which caught people’s attention in the first place. It’s a miracle any film sees the light of day!

SC: If you had a message which you hope that viewers would remember about this film what would it be?

J.B.: Life is short – live it to the fullest; Resist the rut at all costs!

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